Analyzing Social Media Trend: #MeToo

In the last few days, the world has been grappling with the issue of sexual harassment. From Harvey Weinstein revelation in Hollywood to High Spirit in Pune, Social Media has been ablaze with anger, protest and show of solidarity.

Sexual harassment is not a new issue but has been kept under wraps for long. The fear of being mocked or humiliated or, still worse, harassed further kept women from discussing this issue out in open. But the #MeToo campaign has gone on to show that women today want their anguish to be recognized and this issue to be addressed. Decades of suppression and pent up emotions led to opening of floodgates when number of women and men took on to social media platforms with #MeToo to show how commonplace sexual assault and harassment are.

Here is a look at how the #MeToo, slowly took over the timelines.

It all started with Alyssa Milano taking to Twitter to share a status message.

Alyssa Milano


No sooner had she done this, the Social Media Platform burst in to action. Many celebrities joined in to show their support.

Gabrielle Union

Lady Gaga


In India too, the celebrity push was almost instant.

Aditi Mittal

Meghna Pant

Soon, the hashtag sparked normal women across the globe to share their experiences. Since then, the trend has gained massive momentum. In India alone, the hashtag went from a zero sentiment score to   -47.5 by Tuesday morning.

Sentiment Score


The tweets themselves were negative with 49.3% of them classified as negative. 23% of the tweets showed positive sentiment, which were attempts to trend-jack.

Sentiment Tone

On Monday, the hashtag had a reach of 156.23 million in India on Twitter alone. As of now, the Hashtag has a reach of 29.07 million for Tuesday. Mind you, this was only on Twitter. We observed that a lot of women shared this status on Facebook. Their profile being closed to tracking, did not add to the reach. Another point to note was that men too shared their story of sexual harassment, clearly making this an across gender concern and not just a female oriented issue.


We expect this trend to continue for few more days. The key words associated with the updates are shown below.

Key Words

The critical thing to note is that these are real, normal women who are driving the hashtag and not just celebrities or society influencers. Real women, across India have found a resonance in each other’s stories and are out there supporting each other.

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