Analyzing the Journey from God to Scum!

It started last year and it shows no sign of stopping. In the duration, it has consumed some of the biggest, most powerful names. But what happened in the last 48 hours has left the world shocked unlike any other revelation thus far. Yes we are talking about Morgan Freeman. The voice of God, the man who enabled the dark knight to stay just. That Morgan Freeman has been accused by 8 women for sexual misconduct. And like any such revelation, the internet/social media went into a meltdown. People, unable to cope with the thought, showed their state of disbelief.

We analysed the trends in how the story played out on the internet over the last 48 hours.

Morgan Freeman had an average daily media exposure of 300 leading up to May 22. It shot up to 3234 on May 23, 20154 on May 24 and is currently at 51453. A jump of 160x in three days.



















The top three social media posts as per reach were

62 Million

49 Million

47 Million

Celebrities too, joined in the conversation:

In fact, race was also something which was brought up

Another interesting tweet came from Kanisha Jackson which had the maximum engagement exposure on this topic

The Sentiment swing was huge. From almost negligible negative score to a rampant online abuse, the god came crashing down.



















The key message revolved around the actor himself, but the #MeToo campaign and celebrities associated with it were also quoted.
















In all this carnage, Twitter once again proved that news travels the fastest and most through the micro-blogging platform.



















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