Happy Social Media Day


Today is World Social Media day.

Take a moment and think about its relevance. In middle of the global chaos that we find ourselves in, Social Media is center to almost everyone who is reading this.
From Donald Trump in USA, to Lynchistan in India; from Brexit in EU, to WeChat in China; Social Media is driving conversations at a never seen before rate in the recorded history of communication.

But, chaos is not the only thing that social media has brought to our lives. From an individual level of reconnecting with long lost friends, to events of significant social impact such as easy access to help and support, social media has played an important role.

Social media has played a crucial role in not only in shaping history but also bringing events of historical significance into realm of public debate. It is therefore a good idea for us to look back at some of the key points in the history of social media.

Some of the mire recent moments that come to mind are:

  • Donald Trump becoming the President
  • Events in India post Modi Government being elected to power
  • Brexit
  • Threat of radical terrorism
  • Brand Mishaps such as Pepsi & United Airlines uproar

But that is not all that is there to social media. It has also meant a great deal to the society. Here is a look at some of the more positive impact of social media in recent history:

  • Marking safe during natural disasters or terrorist attacks in multiple locations
  • Blood Donors India – where people who need blood can connect with people who can give blood
  • Adoption of Animals/Finding lost animals – Multiple cases of lost pets being rescued due to social media communication
  • Arab Spring rise showed that social media can create a revolutionary path for citizens to tackle non governance
  • Rise to independent and alternative entertainers such as AIB & TVF

As you can see, the medium has its pros and cons. Just the way television, radio and print medium can be misused, the same is true for Social Media. But, just the way these mediums had great impact on society, social media too is doing that.

It is up to us to see how we can use it to our advantage. Plans by governments across the world to censor social media cannot work. It will give rise to other forms of protest. Messengers are becoming more and more powerful with each passing day. Governments will not be able to censor everything. New technologies such as Bots and AI will make communication through social media even more easy and quick. Instead of trying to curb it, authorities must work towards embracing it, using it to create a positive impact, to educate people and connect societies, thereby making it more social than ever before.

That truly will be a Social Media Day!

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