How #Praxis6 became a Twitter Trend!


The 6th edition of India’s largest annual PR conference got underway yesterday in Jaipur with delegates from across the globe gracing the event. The event was closely followed on social media channels and a barrage of tweets helped the official hashtag #Praxis6 to become a national trend. It was further enforced when a bunch of political & religious group started using it for their own communication, called trend-jacking!  The hashtag will continue to trend on day 2 as well.

Here are a few key points about the world of communication, social media and PR that emerged from the day one.

Healthcare communication need to constantly sustain trust of stakeholders. @AparnaThomas @_bhavnasingh @ambiinindia @saysaman at #PRAXIS6

The persona of group need to have trust &reliability Dr. Pragnya Ram, Aditya Birla Group @pragnyaram @AdityaBirlaGrp #PRAXIS6 @PRAXISInd

There are a lot of change, the values of being authentic is not changed @pragnyaram #praxis6

Dr. Pragnya Ram, Aditya Birla Group

Paid media is not trusted anymore, says @flahertyrob , Global CEO, @KetchumPR @KetchumSampark #PRAXIS6

Listening is very important for brands today @flahertyrob, CEO of @KetchumPR #PRAXIS6 @PRAXISInd

By 2020 more than 85% of customer service interactions will be powered by #AI -John Saunders @Fleishman

Things that will define communication in 2018 – Corporate Citizenship, Creating Inclusion, Value = Valuation, Echo Chamber, AI, Synthetic Reality, Shared Globalisim & Films

If distance & pace are key 2 measuring a marathon run Impact on Stakeholders & growth in equity are key to measuring ur PR campaign #praxis6

#creativity #PR never be afraid to share brave ideas with client @GabrielaLungu Founder WINGS Creative Leadership

Gabriela Lungu Founder WINGS Creative Leadership with Aniruddha Bhagwat, Director & Co-founder, Ideosphere Consulting.

The future:You need to build your skills portfolio on your own.~ @AbhijitBhaduri #DigitalTsunami #praxis6 #automation #careers

5 verified accounts helped to turn #praxis6 into a Trending Topic. Here are the handles of the individuals who helped most with the reach @tinucherian, @madversity & @AbhijitBhaduri

896,722 people could have seen #praxis6 since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.

You can follow the event on Twitter!

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