Proving ROI for Social!

As we have talked about the challenges of proving Return on Investment (ROI) for social, we are at a stage where we understand the problem and need of the hour. But,

What is the solution?

How do we tackle these challenges and help with smarter business decisions?

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Analyzing the Journey from God to Scum!

It started last year and it shows no sign of stopping. In the duration, it has consumed some of the biggest, most powerful names. But what happened in the last 48 hours has left the world shocked unlike any other revelation thus far. Yes we are talking about Morgan Freeman. The voice of God, the man who enabled the dark knight to stay just. That Morgan Freeman has been accused by 8 women for sexual misconduct. And like any such revelation, the internet/social media went into a meltdown. People, unable to cope with the thought, showed their state of disbelief.

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Keynotes about Google IO 2018

Every year Google uses I/O to showcase what the company is planning for the year – and sometimes years – ahead. CEO Sundar Pichai kicked things off by recognizing that the tech industry must always be responsible about the tools and services it creates. From there, the big announcements started and just kept coming. The conference was held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, Google used the show to highlight its efforts with AI and the future of Android.

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10 Best Star Wars Day Post

Star Wars Day, or 4th May, is a time for the fans of the franchise to celebrate their love for arguably the most watched series ever. The franchise has gained a cult following ever since Lucas’ original Star Wars was released some forty years ago in 1977. Since then, fans from across the globe have looked for ways of expressing their love for the movies.

May 4 is Intergalactic Star Wars Day, taken from the pun “May the Fourth be with you”. This phrase was used wish an individual or group good luck or good will, that expressed the speaker’s wish that the Force work in the favor of the addressee. The phrase was often used as individuals parted ways or in the face of an impending challenge. But today these phrases are used in many creative and innovative ways on social media which will take you for a spin!

Here’s a look at this year best brand post that hit the social media platforms.

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How Well Do Brands Understand their Digital Identities?

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On the return flight from a week away from work, I found myself sitting glumly in my assigned seat, watching the cabin crew stride purposefully up and down the aisles. A huge part of me wished I had their job: When work would be a matter of mechanics, and there would be so much to see, and do once the basics are done with!

“The internet gives me ways to become a certified musician, with a mathematics degree; all while sitting in my social media profile, so why can’t I also WORK in multiple places?” I was in the mood to grouse.

Clearly, my desk wasn’t at the top of my bucket list at that point in time… Until… My co-travellers gave me new perspective: I’d get bored of doing just that.

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Analyzing Social Media Trend: #MeToo

In the last few days, the world has been grappling with the issue of sexual harassment. From Harvey Weinstein revelation in Hollywood to High Spirit in Pune, Social Media has been ablaze with anger, protest and show of solidarity.

Sexual harassment is not a new issue but has been kept under wraps for long. The fear of being mocked or humiliated or, still worse, harassed further kept women from discussing this issue out in open. But the #MeToo campaign has gone on to show that women today want their anguish to be recognized and this issue to be addressed. Decades of suppression and pent up emotions led to opening of floodgates when number of women and men took on to social media platforms with #MeToo to show how commonplace sexual assault and harassment are.

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How #Praxis6 became a Twitter Trend!


The 6th edition of India’s largest annual PR conference got underway yesterday in Jaipur with delegates from across the globe gracing the event. The event was closely followed on social media channels and a barrage of tweets helped the official hashtag #Praxis6 to become a national trend. It was further enforced when a bunch of political & religious group started using it for their own communication, called trend-jacking!  The hashtag will continue to trend on day 2 as well.

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Happy Social Media Day


Today is World Social Media day.

Take a moment and think about its relevance. In middle of the global chaos that we find ourselves in, Social Media is center to almost everyone who is reading this.
From Donald Trump in USA, to Lynchistan in India; from Brexit in EU, to WeChat in China; Social Media is driving conversations at a never seen before rate in the recorded history of communication.

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Sweden: A Digital Paradise

It was 2011. Twitter was still the smartest social media platform on the internet. People were still having a good time without trolls throwing slurs at them. That was when Sweden, the country, decided to give its citizens the right to manage their official Twitter Handle. Continue reading