Marathi Film Digital Marketing Becomes Lai Bhaari!

Not long ago, there was a general feeling that the regional cinema was producing better films in terms of content than Hindi film industry but it was not being marketed properly. This led to a lot of good films losing out in their own backyard! With social media marketing becoming part of the marketing plan, the tide seems to be turning. Continue reading

Social Platforms for the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

This article first appeared in Hindu Business Line.

There was a time, when anyone who had access to cable television, was watching FRIENDS. One of the most successful television series to ever air, FRIENDS has redefined an entire generation. Not only that, it has laid down the benchmark for all future television series to go on air.

While the series itself is still being watched, the main characters of the show have attained legendary status in the minds of the show watchers. And rightly so. Each character was so nicely crafted that it was hard not to connect with at least one of the six.

That brings us to our core topic. If these characters had the power of social media, which platform would have been their tool of choice is what we set out to answer today. Keeping the outlining of the characters as is, we suggest a social media strategy for the most loved friends ever.

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5 Steps to Build a Creative Digital Team at an Agency

The article was first published here on Social Samosa.

In the mad rush of digital communication, creativity is the clutter breaker. An idea, big or small, stays with the audience only if executed creatively. With augmented reality and digital videos becoming easier to generate, more and more people are using these tools in innovative ways to hook the audience to their communication. Thus, it becomes very important that as a team every member brings about some new ideas to the table. But creative thinking is not something we can start doing at a flick of a button. It needs careful planning and opportunity identification. We share with you, five basic steps that can help in building creative thinking your team. Continue reading

The Circle of Trust

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When was the last time someone came up to you and said that you are part of their inner circle of life? The circle that they trust without questioning? The circle that is almost sacred? Being in someone’s circle of trust is almost like an honour. A responsibility. You will continually try and live up to the expectations that is placed on you. It can be a challenging task, but a sweet one at that. Continue reading