This article first appeared in Hindu Business Line.

There was a time, when anyone who had access to cable television, was watching FRIENDS. One of the most successful television series to ever air, FRIENDS has redefined an entire generation. Not only that, it has laid down the benchmark for all future television series to go on air.

While the series itself is still being watched, the main characters of the show have attained legendary status in the minds of the show watchers. And rightly so. Each character was so nicely crafted that it was hard not to connect with at least one of the six.

That brings us to our core topic. If these characters had the power of social media, which platform would have been their tool of choice is what we set out to answer today. Keeping the outlining of the characters as is, we suggest a social media strategy for the most loved friends ever.

Ross Geller: Nerdy and intelligent, the professor of paleontology will sure shot be digging in to all those questions about Homo sapiens on Quora! The Doctor from Columbia University, is as witty as he is goofy. Answering questions, receiving ATAs and explaining the world why gas smells the way it does, this would be the perfect platform for Ross! Also, LinkedIn will be his professional networking site, where he would have connected with fellow paleontologists.

Monica Geller: Chef Par Excellence, Monica Geller would make the perfect food blogger who is followed by millions not just on her blog, but her Instagram handle as well. Her blog “Nom Mon” would make for one of the most read food blogs which would perfectly be marketed via Instagram!

Chandler Bing: Can it BE any more obvious that Bing a Ling would make a huge success on the mad world of Twitter. His one liners would end up breaking the internet more often than Kim Kardashian’s butt! #Transponstor is a sure shot world trend right away!

Joe Tribbiani: The star of the gang, Dr. Drake Ramoray, is sure to h
ave a Facebook Fan Page. With millions on his page, Facebook will have no problem giving him a verified page and have him use Mentions. Also, sharing posts from his chef friend Monica’s Instagram handle gives him extra brownie points.

Rachel Green: From a runaway bride to a successful business woman in the field of fashion, Rachel’s social media platform of choice is Pinterest. From having a hairstyle named after her in the real world, to being girl who slept with Ralph Laurne (well almost) she is the fashion diva who’s pins would spark mad rush to buy stuff from Pinterest!

Phoebe Buffay: YouTube Superstar! Yes Phoebe Buffay would have been the first YouTube Star, with her debut song, Smelly Cat being the first video to hit a million views on the channel. With so many amazing compositions, Phoebe would have soon been earning millions, through YouTube Monetization, and would not have had to sing at any coffee sto
re ever again!