Sweden: A Digital Paradise

It was 2011. Twitter was still the smartest social media platform on the internet. People were still having a good time without trolls throwing slurs at them. That was when Sweden, the country, decided to give its citizens the right to manage their official Twitter Handle.

Media went wild. The coverage that this move garnered continued for over 8 months. Through the promotion of culture, land, places and some bit of ranting by the citizens, Sweden was able to achieve its goal of bringing the country in to the lime light. The move was universally appreciated.

It is 2017. Twitter is not that cool anymore. But Sweden is! Someone in the country is really making digital promotion look simple and yet, eye-catching. Sweden is now on Airbnb. Yes, you read that right. The entire country is listed on Airbnb. The media has once again gone mad with the coverage of this one unique listing. Paid or free, the campaign is already a hit. The final ad revenue generated is still to be seen, but the campaign is clearly an example of breaking the boundaries of PR & Social Media Communication. In digital world, Sweden is showing the world how to think digital.

The noteworthy fact about this promotion is that it shows the Digital DNA of Sweden’s communication. When the twitter campaign was done in 2011, it looked like a one off. But over the years, and now with Airbnb, Sweden had clearly demonstrated that it understands the digital and is utilizing it to create unique experiences.

Unique experiences are the key to viral communication today. People always love to talk about something they have never seen before. In a digital world, it becomes much more important because, people have millions of choices to indulge in. Between the cat videos and food recipes that flood the timelines these days, unique content comes at a premium.  Sweden is aiming to do that again and again.

Not only is this heartening to see, it is also a learning experience. If this campaign was a free campaign, then it takes away the excuse that a lot of people throw around – “the budget dictates the final exposure delivered.” Well, that is not true anymore.

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